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THERMOQUAD rebuilding service?

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Good evening guys.
I pulled my carb off my New Yorker and would like to send it off to someone who is competent in rebuilding these.
The 440 will be getting a ex268 cam from Comp, but not right now.
If there is a company or 'guy' that alot of you estime with carbs, let me know.
I'm in the Memphis area

Thanks. Errol
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I know a guy in Shelbyville, TN that's very good with the Thermoquads. IF you're interested, I could get in touch with David and see if he has the time to work on it. He's a deputy sheriff and works some strange hours and shifts from time to time.

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There has been a guy operating under the business name "Demonsizzler" that rebuilds Thermoquads, no idea if he's still doing it or not.
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