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At what age should tires be discarded?

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Took a look at the thermostat location, at the bottom of the coolant fill tube, HA HA, and decided it was also time to change the plugs on the 05 which just turned 100K. There seems to be a choice everywhere between a 195F and a 180F for her NA car. Down here in South Florida I'm not sure it matters but I went with the 195F.

Removal of the upper intake manny is not a big deal, but it allows complete removal of the coolant fill and it's hose to the radiator. This allows big hands to work quite a bit easier cleaning up the lower surface the thermo seal sits on. Also gives tool access to the bleeder, which I used to drain the coolant rather than just pull the coolant hose off the radiator.

Researching the plugs, I found they were at 60K !! about twice as old as they should be. The #2 & #3 plugs coming out were at 070" :). The forum here indicated the NA gap to be 050, glad I researched this since the Autolites came out of the box at about 040". No where on this forum were plug torques easily found, with is with that?

Saw lots of chatter on the forum to pull plug wires, I saw no signs of arc'g on the boots, so they went back in w 60K on them.

This car is getting Goodyear/Kelly/Douglas tires for a tad over $200/4. The co-driver/pit crew chief likes the 215/70's on the rear. Now who showed her that?
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