Ram 750 (Fiat Strada)

While the small-to-midsize Ram pickup project has, after many years, finally been decisively dropped — at least for now —  Brazilian publication  Autos Segredos   wrote that Ram will, at least in some markets, sell a version of the Fiat Strada, as the Ram 750 (apparently, one half of the  Ram 1500 ). [Thanks, “crazy.bush”]  

Martin Torres provided these photos of the actual truck now on sale. The name is apparently Ram 700, not Ram 750.

The pickup will reportedly have minimal cosmetic changes, and is to be sold in the Caribbean as well as Mexico. The engine will be the  1.6 liter “E.torQ,” which is an evolution of the old Chrysler Neon engine.   The pickup will compete with the Chevrolet Tornado, also made in Brazil, and Volkswagen Saveiro, which have similarly sized engines.

There do not appear to be any plans to sell the small pickup in the United States or Canada.  See our prior coverage.