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This weekend's 5 race event calendar!

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Check us out, join us & chime in all the on the conversations we have going here.

If your a regular visitor to the MOPAR News & Rumors & only visit this section but you are or wish to become a MOPAR, Dodge or NASCAR race fan, we want to welcome you to come over to Motorsports Section here on & give us a try & chance for us to get to know your MOPAR/Dodge/SRT Motorsports racing interests???

What races are you going to watch or follow this weekend - please let us know?

Got any questions, just ask our friendly motorsports reporting staff on any thread in the motorsports section or via PM.

We will have continuing pre-race updates all week long all the way through the post race interviews this Sunday May 19th. Click on any of the links above to get in on the discussions or visit the Motorsports Section in general by clicking here:

Thank you for your time in reading this thread, we hope this information helps serve as a positive impulse for you the member to check us out & be a part of our discussions. We hope to see you on the boards with any feedback in the Motorsports Section.
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How about we also encourage the Moderators to move the Motorsports Section back to News and Rumors, where it belongs?
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