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Thoughts on "ProMaster undercuts Sprinter" article.

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I know of two Sprinter vans, one is a plumber's truck, and one is another contruction work.

Bot owners said they get between 20 and 22 mpg for the diesel. ( I think it's the 5cyl?). This is for a loaded work truck.

IF the PROMASTER can't deliver that kind of mileage, I think sales will suffer.

Anyone know the fuel consumption estimates?
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A diesel is very important for these cargo vans. We had a customer with a Sprinter (VA) motorhome with the 2.7L-turbo 5 cyl M-B engine that got 23 mpg highway. Amazing numbers for the size and weight of the vehicle.
The later 3.0L V6 gasoline Sprinter (VB) got about 14 mpg and the gasoline option was eventually dropped.
The Caravan C/V can't get near the loading capacity and only comes with the Pentastar V6.
I stopped by the dealer yesterday and spoke to the Sprinter service technician. He said that he signed up as being interested for the ProMaster training, but no date is set for local ProMaster school. I would think that ProMaster school would come before ProMaster launch.
This will be a very important launch for the Ram Commercial truck segment and Dodge BusinessLink dealers. We have been waiting for a commercial-duty van for too long.
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Now the two Sprinter guys I talked too, said 21-22-23 was their AVERAGE MPG. One was amazed that his Sprinter go such good mileage.

Which gets me thinking, if you can get 21-23 MPG in a Sprinter size van, what kind of MPG would a Dakota get, with that combo?

25 average or better? 27? 30 Hwy?

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Yes, Sprinter diesel shoudl be good for 20-22 mpg which is a lot better than V8 Ford and Chevy vans at around 12-18 mpg. The Sprinter gas engine was only a little better than the American V8s. I would hope ProMaster would be far better in diesel consumption while still having a higher payload. Its lower weight really should help.

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One day before the Fiat-Chrysler pairing hit the airwaves in 2009, I chose to put my life in extreme danger and ate lunch at a well-known fast food emporium.

There in the parking lot sat a fellow eating in the driver's seat of a 5-cylinder 2.7 L Diesel Sprinter high roof work van. Being interested in a Window Wagon for my personal use, I asked the guy what they were like, and what fuel mileage he was getting; and quickly asked what he thought of driving one ( this was a company vehicle; not his own). He said even in the city they get 'pretty high mileage', but he didn't elaborate. He did concede that it was better on fuel than the Chevy work van they had before. He seemed more concerned about telling me how the taller roof gets affected by the wind on the highway. He said it took a while to get used to, but he learned to cope; and that highway steering was a whole other thing.

I wanted a Sprinter because I'm claustrophobic. My interest remains the same for a ProMaster, but a ShuttleBus version hasn't been announced. I'd like a highroof model for the reason just stated. But also figured there'd be some negative to a prominent roof.

By the way, regarding my discussion with the driver - early 2009 I went to a couple Dodge dealers nearby to see a Sprinter for myself. They weren't available at all. They just were not on the lot. One Window wagon was used for the dealership's Courtesy Shuttle, but no other Sprinters were seen ... for weeks.
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