According to Automotive News, Tiger Global Management has invested over a billion dollars in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) — half of it being invested since late June.

Despite the name, Tiger Global is an American-based company controlled by Chase Coleman. The “Tiger” part of the name was likely borrowed from Tiger Management, a hedge fund that closed in 2000; Coleman was an analyst at the firm. While there is still a hedge fund aspect of Tiger Global, the company has an $11 billion venture capital team as well.

While some may start talking “takeover,” Tiger Global is still only the fourth largest investor in FCA, with just under 60 million shares. The company may have seen the post-Marchionne stock dip as a buying opportunity.  By comparison, Tiger Global had $2.2 billion invested in Spotify, and may have profited by $3 billion from an investment in Flipkart Group.