This past weekend, the world’s quickest modern Mopars headed to Virginia for the 5 th stop on the 2018 Modern Street Hemi Shootout schedule. A combination of good air and good track prep led to an array of world records, but today, we bring you a look at the first 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in the world to run an 8-second quarter mile.

If you are familiar with the fastest, quickest and most powerful modern Mopar performance vehicles, the name Tim Barth is likely a familiar one. Barth has tuned many of the world’s quickest Hellcat-powered cars, including the world record-holding 007 Challenger of the Epling Garage. After learning how to work with the 6.2-liter Hellcat Hemi in building a variety of record-setting Challengers and Chargers, Barth turned his attention to the new Demon.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in question is owned by Mark Massirio. Shortly after taking delivery of his new Demon, Massirio sent the car to Tim Barth for him to work his high performance magic. Over the course of several months, Barth spent time tuning the Demon, testing it at the track and then tuning it some more. Each time, the car got a little quicker as Barth and Massirio worked towards the 8-second range.

Barth took Massirio’s Challenger to Virginia this past weekend for the Modern Street Hemi Shootout event with the hopes of getting the air and grip needed to reset the world record for the quickest modern Demon.  He reset the record, but more importantly, this Tim Barth tuned Demon was the first in the world to run an 8-second quarter mile.

The Build

Mark Massirio’s Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has been modified (that isn’t obvious to everyone), but the mod list is shorter than you might think.

This car is fitted with a 2.85-inch Metco upper pulley, an Innovators West lower pulley, ID1700 fuel injectors, a Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump, ARH headers, catless midpipes, a Nitrous Outlet plate system with a 75hp shot, a Nitrous Outlet dedicated fuel system running C16, a 180-degree thermostat, a Per4mance Development differential brace and a Diablosport T1000. In addition to the C16 in the dedicated nitrous fuel system, Barth has tuned the car to run on E90 alcohol blend and a set of Mickey Thompson 305/45/18 ET Street SS tires are tasked with putting the power to the ground.

Paul Albino of Total Induction Tuning Solutions of South Windsor, Connecticut did the initial bolt-on work while Barth added the nitrous, the dedicated fuel system, the differential brace and the headers, along with the final tuning work. Tim also handled the driving duties this weekend for the record run.

In short, this Demon has pulleys, fuel injectors, Boost-A-Pump,, headers, catless mids, a diff brace, nitrous and an E90 tune – and it is the first modern Challenger Demon in the world to run an 8-second quarter mile.

To be exact, Barth crossed the finish line in Massirio’s Demon with a time of 8.992 at 154.72 miles per hour. On that run, the Demon pulled a 1.402 60-foot time with a time of 5.813 at 122.89 in the 8 th mile.

After the record was set, I spoke with owner Mark Massirio, who wanted to thank Leon Epling, Jason Epling and Logan Epling for their help at the track and Dan VanHorn for the wicked track prep this past weekend. He also wanted to thank Jeremy Satera of Satera Tuning for his help over the past few months and of course, none of this could have been possible without Tim Barth. Barth has had this car at his shop for months, performing the R&D work needed to make the power and to use the power to put the first 2018 Dodge Demon in the 8s.

We have included two videos here of the record run, so crank up your speakers and enjoy history in the making, as the first 2018 Demon 8-second run unfolds before your eyes.