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Timing belt replaced

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I replace the timing belt on my daughters 2007 touring edition 102,000, at a reputalbe shop in Hartford CT. Soon after my daughter came for a visit and I figured I would check under the hood. Alls well except that the anti-freeze level was not showing in the little white tak on the firewall. I had to add about half a gallon of anti-freeze.

I figured that the mechanic just did not fill it right or maybe the engine had to be burped and he did not do it. She has scince had to add a little more anti-freeze but does not see any on the ground and the car is not running hot.

I am not familiar with the correct procedure to replace the anti-freeze. Did the mechanic do something wrong or do I have a cooling leak problem?

Any advice would be helpful.
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Does the cooling system have to be opened to change this timing belt? Or is the water pump driven from it, and replaced as a precaution at the same time?
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