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Tips on removing door panel 84 LeBaron Convertible?

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Hey all,
I am wondering what I'm missing when I tried to take off my door panel on my newly acquired 1984 LeBaron Convertible... I unscrewed the power lock and power window panels on the armrest, popped off the trim panels and unscrewed the screws under them on the pull strap and on the lock/latch panel, popped off the retaining clips on the bottom of the panel, but something was still holding on to the panel. Mostly seemed to be around the door lock/latch area. Any tips on how to get this panel off without breaking something I most likely won't be able to replace? I've searched all over and can't seem to find anything.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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I'm going to face this soon on my 84 Daytona, to grease the power window track.

There may be a screw or two hidden behind an upholstery plug on the door - armrest or near there, or behind the inside pull handle.

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Got it off... There is a screw behind the power lock panel. But what was really hindering me was that I had to slide the panel around the lock/latch BACKWARDS to get it off. Hope this helps someone else who's having trouble. Even the Crutchfield speaker installation sheet didn't have that little tip in it.
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