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I just installed four Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 LT 235/75/R15 on my 1989 B250 Road Trek conversion.

It's a heavy vehicle with lots of weight high up and when I drove it with the previous owner's P rated tires I felt a lot of pitching and rolling. I found myself unconsciously leaning into curves as if this would help keep the van upright.

With the new tires it feels a lot more sturdy.

They've got a nice tread pattern for the mostly summer highway driving I intend to do.

They're made in Vietnam and the on-line reviews are favourable but come from Europe and Australia.

For those of you in Canada I managed to get them for $137 each on-line from PMC Tire based out of Quebec ( shows $190). They arrived the next day for only $5 shipping. Production date was week 48 of 2012 so they're quite fresh. Overall I was really happy with the experience and hope the tires last well.
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