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While visiting my dad, I had a chance to take look at this 1937 Plymouth that he is re-wiring. Man what a sweet car! From a distance it looks almost perfect, but it is an 80's restoration and it's showing its a age, none the less still way cool!

I was trying to get more pics, but trying to wrangle 2yr old twin boys and take a picture is quite a task!!

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Very sweet. There is actually a topic on a '37 Plymouth barn find in the B-O-F section right now:
Is it his car or is he just doing the wiring?
The poster (Silverback91) could use some help in parts and restoration information on the '37 Plymouth that he is contemplating. Finding resources is critical in an old car restoration. What you can't replace, you repair. What is missing, you make. Old cars are so much fun to fix up.
Going for a ride in one to an ice cream stand is a fond childhood memory and even the old-timers stop to say they remember someone who had one and go into their old car story. The memories of the past can bring out the best in people.
The barn find topic made me explore the internet on them and I found the 'Sailing Along' Chrysler promotional film on YouTube. What a great car and undoubtedly the best choice of the low-priced 3:

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[SIZE=10.5pt]It is not his car, he was just doing some work on it. The car still had the original wiring, that had been spliced and added too, etc.. so all new wiring and Alternator for a nice 12v setup. Now everything is working as it should. Just a nice sweet car that is mostly stock.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]If this were my car, I think I would upgrade the brakes, steering and possibly the drive train, just to make a bit tolerable on the road.[/SIZE]
And yes, getting parts is very tough. Lucky for the owner there is not much that is needed in the way of body and trim. Most everything else can be found or modified to work.
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