Allpar’s sources are again saying that a new inline six-cylinder engine, officially known as GME T6 — in the same family as the Wrangler’s eTorque/Hurricane — is “closer than we might think.”

The engine may or may not keep the Tornado name; there’s no catchy name for the new four-cylinder turbo , though hooked up to a mild-hybrid, it’s the eTorque.


We still expect a displacement of around 3 liters, most likely using the same cylinder bores and strokes as the “Hurricane,” or FCA version of the GME T4.   We noted some of the tricks the company may play to keep the length close to that of the current 2.4 liter four-cylinders — and even reasonably close to the Pentastar. That would allow for use in pickups and cars alike.

We believe the Chrysler versions would use twin-scroll turbochargers, as the eTorque does; there may or may not be a naturally aspirated version.  Maserati and Alfa Romeo Italian versions, if any are planned, would be rather different in execution, with different blocks and heads.

The Tornado was originally rumored to be mainly a 5.7 Hemi (“Eagle”) replacement.