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towing with a 2003 T&C

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Anyone towed much with a T&C?

Namely i need to tow a 2004 Intrepid. i've got a class III reciever hitch on it and have towed some with a utility trailer but never anything that heavy.

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How far? Cooling system, transaxle, tires and brakes in good shape?
overall about 500 miles but in 2 stages. and with a car dolly.

Overall in good condition, new brakes and waterpump, recent shocks. I did add a "medium sized" auxiliary trans cooler and the trans/filter have been changed.

From what i can tell it looks 3800lbs in max and the intrepid probably weights 3400ish. I'd probably take the rear seats out to lighten the van up too. Not much other weight i can take out of the intrepid.
What is the CGVWR (Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)? If the total weight of the T&C and Intrepid exceeds the CGVWR of the T&C, then no you cannot legally tow the Intrepid. Check your owner's manual. Can it do it? Probably. There's more to towing than just having enough power (torque). Also need adequate brakes and suspension.

The following link is good for determining how much you can safely tow.

Off hand I'd say it would be too much weight or would be right at the limit. I don't totally trust the manufacturer's tow ratings. My Ram has a tow rating of 7,750 lbs. In reality, by the time I factor in the tongue weight and safety factors, it's more like 5,000 lbs.
I regulary towed 3300 pound with my 3.3 awd voyager and never had any problems except for the fuel bill.
Always locked the tranny in third (no od)
drive with the inside of your head at take it easy.
Towing 3800lb and controlling 3800lb are two very different things.
If your van has factory tow package then it is rated for 3500lb. If not then your rating is 1800lb. Taking into consideration that the towed vehicle will have no brakes unless you put someone behind the wheel, you will be taking considerable risk. If you can travel on secondary roads at reduced speed you just might pull it off. The van won't care, she'll pull it like an eager beagle but things could go sour pretty quick. Plan for 12hrs or more towing.
Tow in third gear, maximum 60mph. I have towed G. Caravans behind 91-94 G. Caravans with 3.3, no problem. I do have large transission coolers and am very careful about allowing lots of stopping room. You can exceed the factory rating IF you drive with some sense. If you are involved in a wreck you will be liable for some type of citation such as dangerous operation or whatever charge they can invent, so do NOT get involved in a wreck when towing over the factory limit or over your state limit for unbraked vehicles. All of our vans have class III hitches partly so we can use the same drawbars as the trucks and partly because we do tow more than class II weights at times.
The towed vehicle will also need visible brake lights and turn signals. There are magnetic ones that plug into your trailer harness and stick the the towed vehicle's trunk lid.
A large, flourescent 'Car in Tow' sign will also give those behind you a warning.
I can say for certain that you will not enjoy the experience.

In my opinion, do it at night and use roads with the fewest intersection/lights stops. Stopping when one *has* to stop like at a stop sign is much preferred to stopping when one may or may not have to stop, like at a light that changes.

In your shoes I'd see if a pickup truck rental would would be possible.
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