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Town & country / caravan trans side cover change question

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got a new side cover for the 03 T&C as ours is pretty rusty and don't want a major failure.

How much fluid drains out when changing?

and is this differential gear lube or ATF?

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Probably about a cup or less. Reseal the pan with ATF-tolerant RTV. mopar-atf-rtv.jpg
Refill to the mark with ATF+4.

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Thanks Imperial.

I must say your "cup" must be pretty big.

Changed it this weekend. Darn thing took forever to stop dripping to get a "clean surface" . Even jacked up. Used Permatex AT gasket sealer.

Filled a Gallon jug with what came out.

That old cover started leaking and leaving a spot in the driveway about 3 weeks after I noticed it was rusted badly. cover kinda fell apart getting it off.

Don't ingnore this one on your vans!
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