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Town & Country Limited questions

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I have a couple of questions regarding my 2006 Chrysler Town & Country Limited
The first one is how to reset the service light. I had the van's oil changed about a week ago
and the local dealership did not reset the service light.
The second is that the van started a ticking noise when it runs, not all the time but with34,100 miles this should not
be happening. I bought the van a year ago when it had 24,700 miles on it. I have noticed that most van engines have this ticking noise.
and I am unsure what it is. I did notice that the dealership used 5w30 oil, when the owner's manual suggests 5w20
I really don't like or trust the two closest Chrysler dealer's, and would not consider ever buying a vehicle at either one.
Ideas please, and thanks in advance!
Michigan City IN