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Trans clunk is back

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Ok I am at loss and do not know what to do, and the dealer does not know how to fix.

The only thing that helps is a "quick learn" seems to last a few months them it starts up again slowly, slamming into "drive" no issues when going into "reverse".

It seems to happen when the van is in reverse for longer period of time, like backing out of the dive way. Parking lots are quick and does not seem to happen as much.

I know it's bad when my wife is asking about it!

What am to do? The van only has 5200miles
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There was a service bulletin for a hard 2 1 down shift.

I have experienced this with my 92 Voyager. Roll up to a stop sign and then step on the gas while the trans is still stepping down in the gears, and the trans will slam into gear.
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