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Transmission ATF flush while in Drive

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After reading this article on Allpar. I was wondering if I need to put the voyager with my type of tranny in DRIVE when flushing so the Torque also gets flushed out.

The last time I did a flush, I DID NOT put the Van in Drive during a flush. ???? Maybe I never got the bad fluid out of the converter.

Does my type of transmission need to be in drive during flushing? Or do I just flush while in Park?



For the next portion of the procedure, make sure that the parking brake is set prior to continuing. Start the engine. The transmission needs to be put into "Drive" so the torque converter fluid is changed as well. Some transmissions will only circulate fluid through the torque converter only in drive. This especially applies to the electronically controlled transmissions. [Craig Sherman noted that Drive is needed for most transmissions, based on technical manuals]
After approximately 4 to 5 quarts (obviously, if it's more than 4 quarts, you'll have to turn of the engine, and fetch another milk jug) of fluid have been pumped out, you should notice a change in the color of the fluid. It should go from a brownish red color, to a bright pinkish red color. When this happens, all of the old fluid has been replaced with new fluid.
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Being in Neutral will increase pump flow through the cooler. Being in gear is not necessary and is dangerous. Chock the wheels and set the parking brake anytime you are out of Park.
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