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Transmission for 3.5 liter

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Here is a unique little project I have in mind. I want to put a Chrysler V-6 in a Triumph TR-6. I want to go with a 60 degree v-6 for a better fit, but I need a manual transmission. I have found that jeep offered the 3.8L with a 6 speed manual in 07 and 08. Since the 2.7, 3.3, 3.5, 3.8, & 4.0 are all apparently based on the same block, can I use any of those engines with the jeep 6 speed. Due to higher horsepower ratings I would prefer to use either the 3.5L (250 hp) or 4.0 (253 hp) in the TR-6.
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Don't forget the aluminum 3.5, used in the Intrepid RT and probably in others...
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