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50003978AB is the latest and greatest software update for that TCM, but the 1996 TCM won't fully support a 1999 transaxle. There are differences. A flash only updates the TCM for its particular application, the update can't vary the intended application to cover other possible applications.
The 1999 transaxle has an ATF temperature sensor that the 1996 does not. There may be TRS input differences as well. A 1999 TCM may be required to fully support the electronics in a 1999 transaxle.
Go pin-for-pin when splicing in the new blade terminal-style TRS connector, not color-for-color as you will probably find that the wire colors vary slightly.
Valiant has it right. It may or may not play nice with the present 1996 PCM. You might want to try it and see if it will work correctly first, but be prepared if it does not.
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