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Hello Folks,
I have a 64 Polara 440 sedan, right hand drive which is currently stripped for rust repair and general resto.
I'm having a real hard time getting the trim clips for the chrome that goes on the door tops next to the window channel-
these have 2 'bug-eyes' on stalks (i'll upload a photo when i figure out how). None of the usual suspects have 'em (RT Specialties, Kramers etc) and i'm currently waiting on a reply regarding 2nd hand ones from Murray Park. If anyone has any advice regarding these or a workable alternative i would be most greatful. Thank-you from P O'LARA
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If you have one good one, or almost good one, take it down to an auto glass place, chances they will have something that will work. You could also look at the selection YearOne has on their site.
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