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The info on the driver door of my 2001 caravan says it was manufactured in Canada (CAN, not CA for California, complete with maple leaf, according to all of the VIN checkers and decoders I have found, the first digit of the VIN, which is "1", indicates made in USA. I seem to recall seeing "Canada" somewhere under the hood as well. Whats going on with this? Does it mean the van was made in US for export (or import if you live in Canada) to Canada?

Also, when shopping for parts and I see the notation "for VIN R" or "VIN G", for example, which part of the VIN does it refer to? I have both an "R" and a "G" in my VIN, as well as a "B" and a "P". I could make an assumption based on what the decoders say about which value means what, but I would rather know as a fact, or at least a best guess. :pullhair:

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