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I also have an '04 Turbo Limited w/ABS (bought it new) and a dash light that relates to issues with the (Original) O2 Sensors (I don't remember the code at the moment). It runs fine but is getting tired with 130k miles on it. I have noticed that it runs rich when cold (smell) but that goes away when it warms up.
I have a trusted shop that did some testing for me and they said that the "connections" between the ECU/PCM/??? and the O2 Sensors are all good, he is saying that it is most likely a bad section in the ECU that turns on the heaters in the O2 Sensors because he saw no signal in the "Heater" wiring at the O2 Sensors when "Woody" is started cold??
I had already purchased 2 NTK (Green box) Sensors (NTK# 23158), should I just go ahead and replace the originals with these to see if that helps or could I be causing more issues to sort thru?
I am also wondering if there may be issues with the "Integrated Power Supply" and if it could be causing this issue, BEFORE the ECU, and transferring/causing the "No Signal" at the O2 Sensors?
Whatever is the cause of this issue, it is causing the "Dash Light" to iluminate which means that I cannot get the car "Smogged" here in California.
My second issue is that sometimes (seldom) when driving easily (no acceleration), the "Throttle" seems to not respond until I "Floor it", maybe a couple of times, then it is like the ignition is suddenly turned back on, and then it is fine until the next time, usually weeks later?
Could this be a problem in the Throttle Body, fuel pump, or??
Any idea about what this may be or if it may be connected to the issue above??

Thanx for any help!!
Welcome to the forum.

It might be best if you started a new thread, with your own issues, as it relates to your PT, since it doesn't seem to be related to the ABS, in this thread.

Member "myckee" on this forum and PTCL is very knowledgeable on PT Cruiser PCM's. You can't join PTCL, no new members can, because the website is not being maintained by the owner, but is sort of on auto-pilot.

I believe that I have read several posts from myckee on PTCL when there is a failing O2 heater issue, it almost always ends up being the PCM. You might try sending myckee a PM.

I don't want you to condemn your PCM without more info. You might try to get the codes again to be sure exactly what you're dealing with. Please don't just start throwing parts at the car without a proper diagnosis. Also, and this is surely to start a heated debate on any forum, but I have learned my lesson about using any non-OEM parts on my PT, particularly anything electrical, and I only use genuine MOPAR parts.

Here are a couple of threads from PTCL that you can read:

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