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True duals on a 2011 v6 charger?

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Has anyone done this yet? I'm interested in switching over to true duals as well as a cold air intake, just trying to break 300 hp. I don't want a loud exhaust, as it is a family car, but a more aggressive tone would be welcome. Any thoughts or experiences?
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I have a friend who took the resonator off and 2 glass packs on his and it sounds great.

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I have a '13 SE with the 3.6, it's got plenty of power. I dont see any meaningful gains, outside of noise, by farting around with the exhaust. More torque would be nice, but that's what the Hemi and 8 spd are for !!!

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It already has a cold air intake from the factory. You may not like the sound that a K&N makes. It may also void any remaining powertrain warranties.
I have seen the X-pipe dual exhaust using a single, large twin-inlet/twin-outlet cat. It may not pass emissions in your state if you are in one of the CARB-5 states or if your state tightens its standards.
I agree. Noise may be your only gain and it may run worse.
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