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Trying to find my dad's Plum Crazy Challenger T/A

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Hello all,
My dad (Jerry Prater Seneca, MO) had a Plum Crazy T/A when he passed in 1987 in a car accident, I was 14 months old. My mom sold it to a friend of his shortly thereafter. I would love to find this car and possibly acquire it someday. I know that it was sold to Ward McGorder of Miami, OK and he later sold it to Dean Burwell in 1990. Dean Burwell supposedly bought and sold to Ron Slobe that owned R&R Salvage in Aurora, MO. I talked to Ron's widow, Cathy, she vaguely remembers a purple Challenger but has no idea what happened to it. Does anyone on here own a Challenger that was previously owned by Ron Slobe or know of the car I am talking about. I DO NOT have the VIN number and have run into dead ends with all leads trying to obtain the VIN number (license plate, DMV, insurance, bank, safe deposit box etc. It was an automatic and did have the original block and heads. At the time he had it, it did not have the White Vinyl top that it was supposed to and did not have any striping. It was supposedly special ordered by a gentleman in Colcord, OK and delivered to a dealership in Tulsa, OK. If you have any further leads or ideas for me, I would greatly appreciate it, this car would have lots of sentimental value to me if I could find it, because my dad loved it and I have no memories of him. Attached are the only pictures that my mom could find of the car.

Thanks for reading,
Koby Prater