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There is a scheduled maintenance list in the owners manual. A 105,000 mile service would include the timing belt and spark plugs. You would want to replace the water pump and idler pulley at this time, followed by a flush.
The plug wires may have a date ptrinted on them. Certainly change them if they are old.
There was a spark plug heat range change (to NGK PFR5G-11 or Champion RC10PYP4) and a PCM software flash addressed in TSB # 18-030-05. I felt that the cars ran much better afterwards (if this hasn't already been done). You can usually save the upper intake manifold gasket for re-use.
A transaxle filter and fluid would be worth doing if it hasn't been done recently.
There really is no service for the fuel filter and it isn't mentioned in the maintenance schedule at all. If you aren't experiencing any fuel system issues, I would add a bottle of Techron and leave it be.
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