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Definitely has to be forged bottom end or you can not run anywhere between 5-8 psi without risking blowing the internals, a 255 or better 355 lph fp, at least 36 lb injectors so they don't work over 80% duty cycle, a decent intercooler, piping, a specific trim of turbo, too large it won't boost well till you are in high rpm and possibly lock up and too small and it run out of breath fast, then there's custom exhaust manifolds, oil feed and return lines etc, tuning a big thing that will be 800.00 minimum to dyno it and calibrate the ECM providing the ECM cooperates, if not your screwed, even with stand alone fuel and ignition systems the ECM will still cut the fuel injector duty cycle incorrectly because it will be seeing values it was never made for and think there is a problem in the engine so it will be adding and subtracting all kinds of things.

All this won't help if your drivetrain isn't made to withstand the added abuse and your suspension and brakes are not up to the level to hold it or stop it safely.

When the 2nd gen Ram came out Paxton had an sc kit available for it but good luck finding the kit as it has been discontinued.
Even if you get lucky and get the right bracket to mount it to the motor finding a suitable unit will be over a thousand easy.

There is ways of adding a turbo or blower to a 318, 360 newer and older design, it can be done with fuel injection but the ECM will be the key player on what it will support or allow, as I learned overtime Chrysler ecms are fussy and very complicated to manipulate. Very advanced which is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Most people go back to Carburetion because it is mechanical and can be used and adjusted to any desire with simple tools, and it is a sure fire deal, where as a bad tune or incomplete tune can damage your engine and limit the performance big time. Also if you got an electronic transmission good luck going carburated because some not all use the vehicle ECM to calculate wot, passing gear etc, also the gauges in the vehicle use the ECM sometimes. Which is why you probably haven't seen or won't see such a build before.
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