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Many people have turbo'd both the 5.2 and 5.9 Magnum motors. I am in the process of helping design and build a stroker 387 5.9 Magnum based motor that will be going into a 2000 Dakota RT.

First off, what year and body are you putting this in? Tunability is going to be the thing you need the most. Lots of guys have made 6-8 psi setups live on stock parts for extended periods of time, although the reality is that you are going to want better parts sooner rather than later.

As already stated, fuel system will be a large expense, but most of the work has already been figured out by people and depending on the chassis, you could potentially buy a complete already to go drop in setup for your vehicle. There are a number of small vendors out there that specialize in this sort of thing. If you would like specifics I can point you in the correct direction.

Turbo sizing will be critical, and again, depending on chassis, there are already pre-built hotside setups available. I would not do anything over a T4 flange for a 318....

You will also want to make sure that you do NOT use the stock intake manifold. The plenum gasket leak issues only get worse under boost. Invest in a M1 2 or 4bbl FI intake.
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