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Turbo problem

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89 DAYTONA Shelby 2.5 none intercooled turbo. car set for about 14 years got it running a few weeks ago and the turbo seams to be stuck in hi boost.shows 3 psi of boost at idle and you can hear it spooling up..At 3500 RPM's she is around 10 psi of boost. I think the wastgate is stuck but not sure.any ideals or anyone have this problem befor?
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I know the gauge is problematic. See what you have for boost with the engine off. If the gauge doesn't move between engine off and idle, then you may have a SERIOUS exhaust blockage, or just a vacuum hose off. If you show boost, but not vacuum, I'm back to exhaust blockage. It would have to be serious, and you wouldn't have any power (even at 10 psi boost).

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