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Turn signal sometimes fails to cancel

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This has been an occasional problem since I got the 93 Daytona in 2009. It has, of course, the dash pod that's shared with 1990-93 Daytona and LeBaron, with the turn signal lever on the pod instead of the steering column. I never had this problem in 17 years with my '92. It will always flash, but sometimes fails to cancel. When it acts up, it always seems to be with elevated humidity, whether hot or cold. It did it last summer, and blasting the A/C for 30 miles finally got it to cancel again. In winter, it only fails on damp days.

Does anyone know the mechanism that controls the canceling? It's not obvious when looking at the FSM's wiring diagrams.
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Hi Bob L.!! I'd almost think it's electrical. I'm not sure how it's all wired up and such, but if it's not working whenever it's humid or slightly damp out, it sounds like there's extra resistance working into it somewhere. Seems to me that all the actual mechanicals are in the turn signal on the dash pod. I'm not sure how it gets a signal from the steering wheel though, i.e. another mechanical part attached to a wire or strictly electrical type connection of some sort. Maybe try swinging by the dealership and seeing if they can pull up an exploded diagram of the system?? Not likely, but maybe...
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