Dodge has just posted its fourth weekly Horsepower Challenge question, along with
answer to last week’s[/URL] . One clue per day will be posted on Dodge's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The not-so-fun news includes a recall of the 2012-2013 Fiat 500, covering around 51,788 cars sold in the U.S., to fix the shift cable bushings, which can degrade over time and cause loose shifter movement and, eventually, loss of control over the transmission. Given that they might not really be in Park, Fiat has asked owners to always use the parking brake when leaving the car (Allpar adds: make sure it's really on, that is, not letting the car move). This presumably only covers automatics. Another 10,627 cars were sold in Canada, 3,520 in Mexico, and 6,826 outside North America. Presumably, it only affects Fiats made in Mexico. Repairs are, as always in a recall, free.

A recall that affects twice as many vehicles, albeit mostly fleet vans, covers the 2015-18 Ram ProMaster with air conditioning; the fan motors may overheat, without the fuse popping. Since that's a fire risk, Ram has advised owners to turn off their engines when they see warning lights, and immediately contact their dealer. Again, this is a free recall, which affects 99,128 ProMasters in the US, 8,025 in Canada, and 2,249 in Mexico.