A week after Allpar landed an exclusive photo of the 2019 Ram 1500, Automotive News and numerous other sources showed spy shots of a different Ram 1500. Allpar sources say the difference is in the headlights — the newer shot has conventional headlights, while Allpar’s image shows a higher-end model with LED headlights.

Missing from both is any sort of crosshair, but sources have told us that the indented middle may contain a single bold column, creating the long-standing, if inconsistently used, Dodge/Ram design cue.  This has been done before, decades ago.  Likewise, the crosshair could be quite understated, with the indentation forming the vertical piece and the stripe, the horizontal piece.

2019 Ram 1500 grille

The grille shown earlier by Allpar (above) has a block in the middle, whose function is unknown; it could be a nameplate holder, or it could cover some sensors for advanced safety/driving features.

Production should start relatively early in 2018, in Sterling Heights, Michigan — a plant that was recently fully renovated to build the “new” 200, and then updated again to move to body-on-frame production. The plant has twin body shops and reportedly can produce many more trucks per year than the old Warren facility, which will be converted to make upscale Jeeps and, according to current thinking, heavy-duty Rams. That would allow FCA to continue supplying the United States if NAFTA were to be dissolved or substantially altered — or could simply provide more production capacity for Ram’s ever-growing sales.