The fourth-generation Uconnect system, now including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, will be shown later this year at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. The display will also show off the police-exclusive Uconnect 12.1 setup , shown below.

In 2016, FCA will launch Uconnect systems with capacitive touchscreens, better performance and touchscreen responsiveness, and higher screen resolution and brightness.

CarPlay uses Siri and Apple Maps, integrating iPhone controls into the car; Android Auto is similar but uses Google’s platform. Both are to be used in 8.4” systems sometime in 2016.

FCA’s display will show off some concepts as well, including predictive technology to provide information when needed; car to car and car to roadside communication, to reduce rear-end, lane-change, and intersection crashes; a privacy mode; a concierge mode, providing personalized suggestions; and a workload manager to prioritize what is shown to the driver in critical situations.

UConnect 4

The concept will also allow passengers to automatically share hazardous road conditions with others, allow for a follow-me mode, and demonstrate an augmented-reality heads-up display using the windshield to display cars in blind spots, parking assists, and ice/snow in the road.