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UConnect 5 is official

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FCA’s All-new Uconnect 5 Global Platform Is the Most Advanced Uconnect System Ever: Powerful, Personalized, Connected and Easy to Use

  • Uconnect 5 builds upon a well-established, intuitive user experience (UX) and third-party recognition with Android’s automotive operating system and processing speeds that are five times faster
  • Uconnect pioneers personalization with up to five user profiles plus valet mode, reestablishing vehicle preferences and settings with the touch of a button
  • Exclusive and customizable home screen allows quick access to frequently used features with one-touch operation
  • Uconnect expands Alexa "Home to Car" functionality to include in-vehicle Alexa virtual assistant with natural voice capability and “Car to Home” features
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto make connecting and sharing easy
  • New TomTom navigation experience adds popular features for a built-in solution with natural voice capability and Maps Over The Air (MOTA)
  • SiriusXM’s 360L and new Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora available
  • Simultaneous dual-phone connectivity allows greater flexibility with passengers
  • Seamless integration of technology within the vehicle interior combines with card-based screens to provide an updated and refreshed look and feel
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) seamlessly loads improved software updates to the vehicle
  • Improvements in Uconnect system software, strategy and hardware reduce distracted driving
  • Most screen area ever offered in an FCA product at 12.3 inches supports up to 15 million pixels in Ultra HD
  • New Uconnect system features global capability for vehicle owners in more than 150 countries
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"Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto make connecting and sharing easy"

Nice! Are the new USB ports for those looking to charge USB C? For Apple people don't worry, you can get a USB C to lightning cable with fast charging -

It would be great if someone can confirm that UConnect 5 vehicles will have fast charging capable USB C ports ;)
I'd swear that some FCA vehicles have USB-C ports right now. Can't remember which ones, but I thought it was great that they were pretty early movers on that.

Wireless Android Auto would be fantastic, but it'll be years before I'm in the market for a new car. Guess I'll have to muddle-through with the wired connection & my phone's unreliable USB port. (At least it's easier to upgrade a phone than to upgrade a car.)
I am excited about all the new changes. It sounds great! But I am worried too. QNX made Chrysler's unique... and now we will be like everyone else. So will UConnect stand out anymore? I sure hope so...

I feel bad for QNX/Blackberry. What will they even do now?
Since it's the underlying OS that is changing, the OEM or automaker can skin it to look however they this case, like "Uconnect" (to the extent FCA wants that).

QNX has taken some big hits in the automotive sector lately, but they should be all right...they still produce embedded software/firmware for mission-critical applications, such as commercial aircraft systems.
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QNX is a product you pay for. You are not the product, QNX is. Android is a product you don't pay for. That makes you the product.
Not to argue that your concerns as a consumer are unwarranted, but Android Automotive is an embedded system that the OEMs (and by extension, "you") are most definitely paying for. As @KrisW pointed out above, this is not the same thing as the Android OS used on mobile phones.

Now I suppose in theory there could turn out to be some security or privacy flaws with Android Automotive itself, but at this stage there is no evidence of any such flaws. As far as I know, there are no vehicles on sale yet that use the Android embedded system, so nobody has had an opportunity to do any kind of poking around into them.
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