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UConnect 5 is official

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FCA’s All-new Uconnect 5 Global Platform Is the Most Advanced Uconnect System Ever: Powerful, Personalized, Connected and Easy to Use

  • Uconnect 5 builds upon a well-established, intuitive user experience (UX) and third-party recognition with Android’s automotive operating system and processing speeds that are five times faster
  • Uconnect pioneers personalization with up to five user profiles plus valet mode, reestablishing vehicle preferences and settings with the touch of a button
  • Exclusive and customizable home screen allows quick access to frequently used features with one-touch operation
  • Uconnect expands Alexa "Home to Car" functionality to include in-vehicle Alexa virtual assistant with natural voice capability and “Car to Home” features
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto make connecting and sharing easy
  • New TomTom navigation experience adds popular features for a built-in solution with natural voice capability and Maps Over The Air (MOTA)
  • SiriusXM’s 360L and new Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora available
  • Simultaneous dual-phone connectivity allows greater flexibility with passengers
  • Seamless integration of technology within the vehicle interior combines with card-based screens to provide an updated and refreshed look and feel
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) seamlessly loads improved software updates to the vehicle
  • Improvements in Uconnect system software, strategy and hardware reduce distracted driving
  • Most screen area ever offered in an FCA product at 12.3 inches supports up to 15 million pixels in Ultra HD
  • New Uconnect system features global capability for vehicle owners in more than 150 countries
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Finally, wireless CarPlay! No point in having Qi chargers unless wireless CarPlay is supported IMO.
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"Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto make connecting and sharing easy"

Nice! Are the new USB ports for those looking to charge USB C? For Apple people don't worry, you can get a USB C to lightning cable with fast charging -

It would be great if someone can confirm that UConnect 5 vehicles will have fast charging capable USB C ports ;)
iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are bundled with Lightning to USB-C chargers. Wouldn't be surprised to see that standardized with every new iPhone this fall.
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I'd swear that some FCA vehicles have USB-C ports right now. Can't remember which ones, but I thought it was great that they were pretty early movers on that.

Wireless Android Auto would be fantastic, but it'll be years before I'm in the market for a new car. Guess I'll have to muddle-through with the wired connection & my phone's unreliable USB port. (At least it's easier to upgrade a phone than to upgrade a car.)
They do. New Wrangler and Ram models have USB-C.
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Take a look at this refreshed Pacifica in the screenshot:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive lighting

Now the rendering I did for Mopar Insiders:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

See any resemblance? ;)
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It's a major leap in capability and power, but I still can't help but think they will regret leaving the higher security of QNX. I will also wonder how much information Google is collecting on where we drive every day. Android's core is open source but it's surrounded by proprietary Google stuff and we know Google loves your data. They've made billions on their “free” software.

The Alexa Assistant, in fairness, is worse.

QNX is a product you pay for. You are not the product, QNX is. Android is a product you don't pay for. That makes you the product.

If you’re using an Android phone, Google may be tracking every move you make (at )
'Alexa, are you invading my privacy?' – the dark side of our voice assistants (at )

I am pretty impressed, though, with the increased capabilities. I'll have to think about how much I want Google to know about me, but in this age of facial recognition cameras and license plate readers and such, maybe it doesn't matter any more. All your data—medical, financial, location—belongs to anyone who has a few bucks to buy it.

(I can't help but think that all this facial recognition/instant location info is a major boon for the mob. They can now figure out if someone is an informant or undercover agent in minutes, and extortion must be a breeze.)
If Microsoft or Apple wanted to make an open source infotainment software, I'd be all for it. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for either of them. Apple has been opening up their "closed garden" for the past few years and they now have quite a few variations of iOS, including one for the HomePod, Apple TV, iPad, even the Apple Watch's WatchOS is a variation of iOS. The Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro also apparently runs on a modified version of WatchOS, which as I said is a variation of iOS. They are also allowing TVs from brands like Samsung and LG to include Apple TV apps built in to stream Apple's content, so the idea of using a modified version of iOS to power infotainment systems to allow native streaming of Apple Music (or Spotify) without connecting an iPhone isn't unrealistic.

FWIW, that would be my ideal scenario.
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I'd certainly rather use Apple (“we don’t sell your personal data or use it in our thousand other products or leak it to everyone on the planet”) than Amazon or Android (“privacy is for our CEO, not you”).

As for the worst Google can do, we already know that. They can and will give and sell it to all sorts of sleazy people. Amazon is worse.
I had a couple Amazon Echos that I replaced with a HomePod. Siri isn't quite as bad as people say... Alexa is super creepy. Just imagine sitting in your living room watching TV and hearing Alexa randomly laugh, which happened at least once.
Google assistant is by far the best.
Maybe so, but in terms of securing your data and having a well-integrated ecosystem of devices... no thanks.
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