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I'd like to upgrade the 2002 Grand Caravan Sport to have in-dash DVD player and ceiling mounted screen. Further, I want to put a wifi hotspot in the car (without having to tether to a cellphone) as we're using the vehicle to track high altitude balloons and need to transmit the signal we receive from the balloon out over the internet to keep NOTAMS up to date.

I know that in the US Chrysler offers uConnect for late model Caravans and some have retrofit them into older ones, but in Canada there's no such option.

a) is there an all-in-one DVD/GPS/touchscreen option that'll fit into the dash of an '02? Preferrably with a flip-down eiling screen separate, not playing DVDs on the dash unit. Driver distraction is a no no.

b) If so, is there one that allows wifi with its own SIMcard?

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The older RS minivan uses the PCI (programmable communications interface) communications bus and the newer RT minivan uses the CAN (controller area network) communications bus. Chrysler uses the CAN-IHS (interior high speed) network system. Newer radios that require CAN bus have been upfitted to older vehicles from what I hear, but I have no personal experience with the success of doing this. Discussion and aftermarket product here:
You might be best served by going aftermarket for the dedicated radio/wifi (Bluetooth)/bus communications system and not interface it with the minivan bus at all. Wireless CAN could put all modules in linkage with each other.
Some interior modifications (dash/headliner) can be done neatly with the proper tools and planning. Contact a couple of custom stereo/DVD player install shops and get their opinions/estimates on what you want to do and how they would go about doing it.
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