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Updated RFE transmission solenoid connector.

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If a new valve body is ordered for an RFE transmission will it come with the 'cam plate adapter' or is that a separate part number?. The truck is an 02 so its got the black plug connector vs the white plug connector unit that has superceeded it.

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Stevenspeaking, the parts guy may be able to answer that. If not, you can ask to inspect the v/body at the parts counter before purchase. I would think that the v/body would come as a complete assembly. If it is shown separately in the parts catalog with an attached part #, it may be orderable.

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The parts catalog is not clear on this question. I can call Chrysler for you to get your answer. However I do need a VIN to make the call. Drop me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to make the call.

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