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Upgrading headlights on '96 GV

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I do a lot of late night/early morning driving. I'm not happy with the headlight output, even with upgraded bulbs. Would I get better output if I replaced the stock assemblies with the quads that are offered on eBay - like the T & C setup. I'd have to do some rewiring for the parking/signal lights. I can get a set of OEM forglights and the proper switch but I want something stronger.
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The Town and Country quad lights are very good, at least the factory ones are. If the aftermarket ones are the same as the factory ones you'll get some nice light. But the separate turn signals in the front fascia will present a problem. If you swapped the front fascia, it would be easier. I had several people compliment the light output on the 1999 Town & Country I used to own.
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