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Yes I see your point however the actual reflectors are a different design to 'throw' the light either left or right depending on the country.
There is also an SAE number usually moulded into the lens along the bottom. Sorry offhand I don't know what number matches UK but it will be different to the US ones.
I went through this years ago with my partners Neon as one light had gone very white and a factory replacement was about 1,000 AU dollars. Finally I bought a headlight from America on fleabay for about AU $90 landed , fitted it and that night when i went out to check the alignment was shocked to find it completely and utterly out of whack. That's when I did more research and discovered how things work. Finally I realised that the new light had the front lens held on with Clips but the old factory one had the lens glued on what followed was we me patiently grinding the lens off the old housing and fitting the newer ones with the clips. That was an experience I don't want to repeat lol.
Anyway mate, good luck with your problem.

P.S. at times I have fancied some of the whizbang aftermarket headlight sets available in America for the 300C but my experience as posted here with the PT stops me dead in my tracks. I've also contacted sellers to see if they can source those lights but suitable for Righthand drive but the answer is always NO.
Good news on the RHD headlights front. I was able to source a pair of the only clear RHD Hellas I could find on eBay UK. Didn't see any on eBay Aus (I checked as many RHD markets as possible). Annoyingly, one of the sellers didn't offer shipping to the US, but thankfully my parents are still living in the UK so I can pay them to ship to me.

I'm going to see if they can be dissassembled so I can do the fancypants dark part that my US spec have, without ruining the nice Hellas. I don't think my original OEMs were Hella.

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