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V6 Hamonic Balancer

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Last friday my girlfriend was driving to work and my '93 Shadow ES quite running.

I went back later in the afternoon and got the car running. After we got the car home I noticed what looked like the mounting screws that hold the pulleys to the balancer had snapped off. Or fallen out..

Yesterday I did find out the screws were all there. What had actually happened was the balancer cracked at the center hole and this allowed the large center bolt to loosen.

Working on the car today it's obvious the balancer chippped off the locater key that goes through the crank timing gear.

Is it possible to replace the key in the crank without removing all the parts needed to do a timing belt, water pump repair on the car?

I did buy a new balancer today at Auto Zone.
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Yes, the woodruff key is easy enough to replace without removing much else.

Use loctite on the center bolt to keep it from backing out.

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If you are lucky, hopefully the crankshaft end slot did not get chipped or broken out. That is a major issue and happened to at least one poster on this board several years ago. Chipping out of the crankshaft keyway slot is caused by the bolt loosening up and the damper rocking back and forth over time.

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Well I FINALLY had enough time to tear the engine down. Everything is off accept the timing gear on the crank.

According to the motor manual if it won't come off by hand or by prying with 2 screwdrivers as a last resort, drill 2 holes in the gear and use a puller.

It appears the crank isn't damaged at the woodruff key slot.

Once the remaining part of the old key is out the timing gear and center bolt should hold the new key inplace if there was any enlarging of the slot.

But, getting the timing gear off the crank is trying my nerves.
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