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Vacuum line stalling engine on idle

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This vacuum system on the non turbo,pt cruiser is extremely complicated since the brake booster, plenum, purge valve, nvld valve, speed o cruise and storage tank, all connected into 1 system, somewhere there is a blockage that's causing the stall. I changed the purge valve nvld canister, the valve on the brake booster, engine still cuts out on idle, how to you isolate the problem, any pt cruiser mechanics or there,
It stalls on idle only, I disconnected the speedo cruise, but the brakes won't won't, since still these lines are connected
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Aniline's old thread is here:
Vacuum line stalling engine when connected to nvld

A vacuum line gross leak or blockage should be easy to verify.
Given this car's history, I suspect some other problem is afoot. The stalling when attaching this hose may be just a symptom of some other problem?
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