Analysis. There has been some argument about the value of the upgrades in the Charger Daytona, Challenger T/A, or Dynamics Package. Assuming an owner wants to have the extra performance equipment, Allpar contributor “Mentallica” put together a comparison of upgrading an existing Scat Pack car versus buying a special edition from the factory.

The list prices for the extras are broken down as:
  • SRT® Hellcat Brake Upgrade Package: Four-corner brake package includes six-piston calipers (front), four-piston calipers (rear), and necessary hardware, P/N 77072382, $3,795
  • Mopar WH3 Wheels (lightweight, 20x9.5): P/N 5LD38VXWAA, $1,465 each —total from a typical discounter: $4,074
  • Pirelli P-Zero All Season Plus Tires, at Belle Tire: $207 each; installed, before tax, $908
  • Cold Air Intake System, P/N 77070043AC, $409

At list prices, these parts, without any other changes (e.g. suspension retuning) would cost over $10,500. At typical online prices—25% off for Mopar parts—it’s $8,150, without shipping.

Someone who bought a regular Scat Pack would have to pay that for parts, excluding installation and shipping, to match the higher-priced Dynamics Package/Daytona Package items.

Is Dodge adding an unnecessary premium over the cost of the original equipment items? The Dynamic Package Upgrade costs $2,200, and includes Hellcat wheels, tires, and brakes.  Looking at the best prices available, the upgrades — minus the cost of the original parts, both based on new online prices (discounted by 25%) — is $621 per wheel. Tires are $28 each. The brakes are roughly $2,040 (rotors, calipers, and pads).

To build up a Charger Daytona or Challenger T/A, without any of the additions other than wheels, tires, brakes, and cold air intake, using discounted online parts and ignoring shipping and installation, the difference is $3,642 — without the badging, stripes, side skirts, rear fascia, spoiler, active exhaust, interior updates, half-inch ride drop, and higher-performance suspension tuning.

The argument ignores the possibility that one might not value these pieces, or might choose cheaper aftermarket parts; however, it does seem that the Charger Daytona and Challenger T/A provide a good deal of value as pre-made packages for those who want what they add.