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Don, the aluminum covers only have an advantage in that they are harder and cool off faster than steel covers. Weight is about the same, but sealing with metal becomes difficult if the bolts have been overtorqued and the bolt holes bend towards the head surface, making the gasket not clamp properly. If you take the metal covers and knock the holes with a bolt larger than the bolt hole to bend them outwards they will clamp better and not leak, use a board against the edge so they dent outwards. Use a smear of blue Permatex, which remains flexible, it is basically a glue to keep things in place and squishes out, so super clean surfaces helps, and a big bead just squishes out to be very conservative in using it, the stuff that tends to get squished out and stuck in the oil pickup in the pan, not a good thing. Aluminum, being harder, ensure the surfaces are clean and there are no injection points (round circles) that are not smoothed out, they tend to leak at those points. The rubber gaskets can be reused if they are soft, clean them with solvent or laquer thinner to clean and let them dry before adding the blue Permatex for extra stickiness.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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