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Various rattles and a bad heater speed control and a window not opera

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I just bought a 2005 Sebring, perfect body, non smoking, but plagued with tinny sounding noiseson almost any road surface. It is not like a bushing noise, and seems to be locate behind the engine/tranny but out to the side.I know the repair for the heater control is bad, only operates at full speed. Passenger side window not operating. Would it be possible to squirt som contact cleaner in around it. Roughly 125K miles 200K km.
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Tinny 'tin can' noises like a loose metal shield? Driving with a helper and both windows rolled down, determine which side it is on.
If you can safely jack and support the front of vehicle on a firm and level surface, tap and wiggle things to try and replicate the noise. Removing heat shields is not recommended. Secure it to stop the noise any way possible. Exhaust runs down the center of the car so that may not be it, but something sounds loose.
Outer sway bar links can 'rattle' over bumps. Bushings usually 'thump' over bumps as you noted. Loose brake pads and caliper components usually get quiet with the brakes applied because of the loading forces, but get noisy again while driving.

An inoperative RF power window could be either the master (drivers) switch, passenger door switch, wiring between them, RF door window motor and/or regulator. If you can, pull the RF door trim panel (retainer clips and screws):
Use a 12 volt test light to see if you have power at the motor terminals when the switch is moved up or down with the ignition on. The switch will have to remain connected with the door panel off, avoid letting the door panel hang by the wires and inside handle release link clip.
This is a diagram of Chrysler power window wiring. They did try to use the same wire colors between many different years and models. 2013-04-06_212040_1.png

The high-only fan speed should be fairly cheap and easy. Most likely it needs a new blower motor resistor. It's likely open.
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