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Very favorable review of 2014 Grand Cherokee diesel in Autoblog

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"We took the Grand Cherokee off the beaten path a few times and
consistently came away with the feeling that there probably isn't a more
capable sport utility vehicle on the market today, save Jeep's own Wrangler and possibly something from Land Rover.
With the Quadra-Lift air suspension in its uppermost setting, there's
11.3 inches of ground clearance to go along with a 35.8-inch approach
angle, a 29.6-inch departure angle and 23.5-degree breakover angle. Said
another way, there are very few situations likely to be encountered by a
properly equipped 2014 Grand Cherokee driver that they won't have the
ability to conquer, including passage of the famed Rubicon Trail."

Looks fantastic in white.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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