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Bearings usually growl. Tires can shake and shimmy that changes with speed.
Are tire pressures OK? Any scalloping or 'bumps' felt in the tire carcass. Try a rotate to see if it changes the sensation? Is there another vehicle with the same size wheels that you could swap over for a road test?
Is this felt more in the floor, seat or steering wheel? Can you look down and watch you knee shake while driving?
U-joints can get worse under load and the shudder can feel like it's coming from everywhere. They spin ~4 times faster the than tires.
Chock the wheels, pull the driveshaft and articulate the front and rear joints up/down and left/right to feel for any binding in the needle bearings.
Finding the cause will be a process of elimination.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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