Jeep’s new Wrangler-based pickup truck  has been confirmed for production — but you knew that. The news is this fairly close-up video, shot by Allpar readerB. Mac, of a thinly camouflaged “JT” doing on-road testing.


Since we won’t see production until factory renovations are finished, there’s time for many more sightings before the official unveiling. There’s been a good deal of speculation about the name , which we suspect will end up being Wrangler Pickup or Scrambler (after the 1981-85 CJ  pickup). There’s been some talk of Comanche , too — the name of the old Cherokee XJ-based pickup.

Rumored for years, tested in concept after concept and event after event, the pickup only became possible when the Wrangler moved to new factory, leaving the old plant ready for overflow and, perhaps, other Wrangler variants. There have already been rumors of a hard-roof version to replace the old XJ Cherokee, though that might be wishful thinking.

Because of the open bed, chances are a fixed roof is needed for structural integrity; instead, insiders told Allpar that it will use removable panels to create a similar effect. The bed is likely to be quite short.

It’s a good time to launch a compact pickup, with cheap gasoline and a thriving midsize-pickup segment (currently shared between Toyota and GM).  Former Jeep engineer Bob Sheaves predicted that we would see around 30,000 to 40,000 Wrangler pickups per year, with demand kept limited by the steep price, short bed, and tradeoffs needed to keep strong off-road prowess (and to build it in Toledo).  Still, many enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting their first sight of a JT on the showroom floor, checkbook in hand.

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