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Vintage Front and All Wheel Drive Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge Cars

Current vehicles | forums

Relatively recent (2000s - 1990s)

CSChrysler PacificaFirst GenerationSecond Generation Minivan
LHIntrepid, Vision, Concorde, 300M, LHS, New YorkerThe cars that brought Chrysler back from the brink. Large but nimble, classy but sporty, these big cars defied stereotypes (1993 to 2004)
PLNeon / SRT-4.Lots of detail; competitive comparisons. The most exciting affordable car of the 1990s (and, with the SRT-4, the early 2000s)
AS, ES, RS, RTDodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, and Chrysler Town & CountryFrom history to the future of these landmark minivans, first produced in 1983. Reviews, in-depth materials, repairs, and information on concept minivans (e.g. Caravan R/T).
JADodge Stratus, Chrysler Cirrus, and Plymouth BreezeThe "cloud cars" won many awards and, though they did not sell as well as the Spirit/Acclaim/Lebaron they replaced, they made a profit because they were cheaper to build.
JRSecond-Generation Stratus / Sebring The second generation.
JS2008 Avenger,
2007 Sebring,
2008 Sebring Convertible
The third generation, on a new platform and with a more-Chrysler-engineering Avenger
FJAvenger and Sebring Coupes Not really Mopars, but we cover them well.
Eagle Talon / Plymouth Laser The Mitsubishi twins that led to the FJ Avenger and Sebring
EEK! (K platform derivatives)

Plymouth Reliant, Dodge AriesThe original K cars! Aaron Gold's and Michael Swern's loving descriptions and history, with information for owners. Read about the cars that started it all.
Dodge Spirit R/T A history of the 224 hp four-door family sedans that broke all the rules with advanced technology and a 2.2 liter four cylinder engine. Or did you think the SRT4 was the first?
Daytona and LaserIncludes a detailed chronology, specs, performance and repair info, and maintenance tips. A well done and comprehensive page by Keith Knuth.
E Class: Caravelle, 600, New YorkerThe original stretched K cars (EEKs), the E class provided front wheel drive luxury at reasonable prices. Well written, with an overview, descriptions of each car and year-by-year changes, reviews, and objective looks at strengths and weaknesses (by Chris Wax).

We now have a separate page for the Plymouth Caravelle.

Super K: Dodge 400/600, LeBaron ConvertibleThe versatile car that spurred the rebirth of the affordable American convertible. A well written and detailed history and description of these remarkable yet forgotten cars.
Lancer and LeBaron GTSThe surprisingly sophisticated late-80s Eurosedans which died young, yet provided the styling for the Sundance and Shadow.
Limousine and ExecutiveInteresting details on the stretch K-cars that have been lost to our national consciousness.
Sundance, Shadow, and DusterComprehensive pages, with history, character, troubleshooting, upgrades, specs, and competitive comparisons
Shelby CSXThe ultimate Sundance - a true pocket rocket you could rent!
Spirit, Acclaim, LeBaron, Saratoga A short history of these underrated family sedans, with performance information, specs, and production figures.
Chrysler Fifth Avenue and ImperialSite-within-a-site by Rich Hutchinson. Description, history, all sorts of details, and photos.
LeBaron Coupe and ConvertibleA brief history and description of these nicely styled cars, well written and with specifications.
Magnum (Mexico)A brief write up with photos of the Mexican Magnum
Dynasty (and New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, Imperial)Another brief write up on the AC-body Dynasty, New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, and Imperial.
The Chrysler TC by MaseratiYes, that's the actual name of the car. One of the nicer results of Lee Iaccoca's friendship with other automotive executives, or perhaps Wall Street's unholy influence over corporate executives. Stephen Lyons wrote this page about the TC, with its LeBaron-like looks and, for the most part, standard Chrysler (or Mitsubishi) engines.
Other front wheel drive cars and minivans

Omni and Horizon

The history and derivatives of the "Chrysler Rabbit" complete with the GLH and GLHS models, which packed a tremendous punch in an econobox package! Courtesy Bryan T. Nicalek. (Also see our Chrysler in Europe page for the origins of the Horizon - and we now have an article written by the Horizon development team!)
Turismo, Duster, Charger, O24, TC3, Rampage

A short history by Bryan Nicalek. Note that we have a separate page with exclusive information and coverage of the Dodge Shelby California Rampage, the existence of which was hotly debated before the page writer uncovered irrefutable evidence and details. We also have a page on the Charger GLH-S.
Premier and Monaco

They're not really Mopars, but we have great sections on them! (Renaults sold by Chrysler as part of the AMC deal)
Made or sold outside the USA

Other relevant topics

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Chrysler 1904-2018

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