According to Auto Forecast Solutions, Viper production will end in August 2017, said John McElroy in today’s AutoLine report . The problem, according to Mr. McElroy, is slow sales, despite the “one of one” program and a $15,000 price cut, coupled with not wanting to spend the cash to develop a next-generation Viper.

The Viper does not seem to still be getting enough press and enthusiast attention needed to justify further investment, either, despite a new ACR version. There had been rumors of upgrades for 2016-17, but these may not have panned out.

targa prefix viper

Analysts have been wrong before — too often to mention — and it’s possible that something else is in the works. Even if Conner Avenue is abandoned, there are numerous other facilities that could be set up for limited production of the Viper — and the whole thing could be outsourced to a specialty automaker, as well. However, with the performance gap between Corvette and Viper ever-narrowing, many would argue that the snake has to either get upgrades or end its distinguished career.