Will the new Chrysler Voyager—essentially, the low-line of the Pacifica—be sold as a Caravan in Canada?

That’s what we’re now hearing from our sources within FCA Canada. To be more specific, our source claimed that for 2020, the company will sell down its Dodge Grand Caravans; for 2021, they will have a new Chrysler Grand Caravan. (To clarify, this isnot an official statement from a company spokesman.)

2020 Chrysler Voyager
2020 Chrysler Voyager

Why not Chrysler Caravan, which Ford product planners would prefer, given the alliteration? Why include the Grand when there is no base-model Caravan? While some could assume that there is a Caravan in the works somewhere, perhaps as a replacement for the Dodge Journey, the simpler explanation is probably accurate: someone at FCA likes the word “Grand.” Otherwise, why bother calling the 2008-and-onwards Dodge minivan a Grand Caravan in the first place, since there hasn’t been a Caravan since 2007?

That said, there is likely to be a Chrysler replacement for the current Dodge Journey at some point, and unless they just call it the Chrysler Journey, it may well end up becoming the Chrysler Caravan. The two cars don’t have to be related, though they probably would be; the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee don’t share much. Neither, in the day, did the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

Why would this strategy be used in Canada, but not the US? Largely because Canadians buy up Caravans in droves, but have shown little affinity for even discounted Pacificas. Unless the Voyager suddenly takes off in sales in Canada and the USA alike, the Caravan may be needed. (Then the question becomes, will Canadians buy a Chrysler Caravan in the same quantities as a Dodge Caravan? Northern Country plans to drop the Dodge Neon in favor of a Chrysler version, back a ways, ended up being reversed. The Chrysler Prowler sold a fraction as well as the Plymouth. Sometimes brand names do matter.)

Allpar has not confirmed this input with FCA, and plans change regardless, so the future is still hazy—but at this point it appears that the Grand Caravan name will continue, at least in Canada, for Chrysler minivans .