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W-150 Not starting up. Broke down. Fuse? Please help Thanks

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I gotta a 1992 dodge power ram 150. Coming home tonight i had 5 kc lights on, only for a minute, they are wired into my fuse box directly. Thats the only thing out of the norm i had goin on. Past few weeks my buzzard that sounds when i start it, has been acting up. I turn my key and get nothing now. No buz, no gauges light up how ever, my hazards work, inetior lights work, but when i turn key forward i get nothing, not even raido. My buddy said it could be one of my fuse relay or my ESU. Any help would be greatful. Please and thank you -Steve
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You could have also fried the ignition switch bu tit's more likely you took out a fuse (or a fusible link if 92 still used them) somewhere.
The place to start looking is the circuit that you wired them into.
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